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February 14th – Writing with Passion about Your Own Life: More than Just a Diary or Timeline

You want to write about your life, a memoir of high points and maybe even the low points.  You think about leaving a legacy to your children and grandchildren.  Perhaps you want others to learn from your mistakes or avoid possible heartbreak.  It is a great idea; however, writing in a timeline fashion – I was born . . . I went to school . . . I graduated . . . I got a job . . . I struggled with . . . I overcame it by  . . . is not going to generate a whole lot of interest even among your children and grandchildren.  You have to write with passion which may  include humor as well as some painful recollections.  Many folks believe they have”pured their heart and soul on the paper” when in fact they have written little.  What they see in their minds as they write and what ultimately appears on the paper are not necessarily the same thing. Today’s guests have successfully taken the pictures and images, call them memories, that they held in their minds and got them on paper.  Diane Bogino’s book is Finding Your Bootstraps: 11 Steps to Overcoming Victim Thinking.  Dr. Shirley Garrett wrote A Tap Water Girl in a Bottle Water Word: Reflections on Belonging and Believing.  How did they do it  – get their stories on paper in full color?