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January 15th – The Powerful Difference between the Right Word and the Almost Right Word

The topic for this show is based upon one of Mark Twain’s best known quotes: The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.

Today’s guests know, understand and practice the powerful difference between the right word and the almost right word. Ty Young owns Ty Media Group which helps budding entrepreneurs leverage their business to achieve real success.Using the right word(s) in marketing and branding is critical.  Ken Crosson is an attorney who practices law for individuals, families and small businesses.  Contracts and legal documents have to be exact.  Using the correct word is critical. How do they determine what words to use? Does it really matter? Was Mark Twain right . . . or wrong?  How important is using the right word for Ty Young and Ken Crosson in their respective work?  Should the right word be as important to us?

January 8th – Security: As a Business and for Our Businesses and Homes and Elsewhere

What should we as individuals, family members, business leaders know about personal security? What about security in the workplace? We know only too well how seemingly safe settings can become terribly unsafe in a matter of seconds. Are there actions or precautions we can take to minimize our personal risk? What can we do to increase safety for our families? Where we work? How we travel? Is any community free of risk from terrorism?

Russ Giudicessi and Bart Mitcham from Action Training Academy in Cobb County, GA, and Brett Braatan, retired U.S.Customs Service and Department of Homeland Security agent,join WHWN host, Dr. Tim Morrison, to discuss personal security, corporate security and how they are impacted by national security.

Russ Giudicessi is an Executive Protection Specialist for business personnel, clergy, and government officials for Action Training Academy.Russ also has years of Corporate Security experience in facilities, plants and personnel. Mr. Giudicessi is a licensed private investigator.

Capt. Bart Mitcham retired from the U.S. Navy after 26 years of duty which included 12 years of flying and 14 years of Counter Terrorism, Counter Intelligence, Weapons and Drug Interdiction and Embassy Security. Capt. Mitcham Bart is the author of numerous self defense articles and several books. His latest book is How to Become a Real Live Action Hero.

Agent Brett Braatan specialized in cases involving unlawful import practices that adversely affected vulnerable U.S. industries. Agent Braatan’s book Homeland Insecurity: Failed Politics, Policies, and a Nation at Risk, gives a rare, behind the scene glimpse of the actual workings of federal law enforcement agencies and the true nature of their inter-agency relationships.

January 1st – Embracing the Power of Pink

Women are a powerful force, spending $20 trillion each year. Smart businesses know the importance of engaging women as employees, leaders, partners and clients. Vanessa Lowry talks with Cynthia Good, CEO and Founding Editor of PINK, one of the first publications to transition to a totally digital platform. Targeting working women, Little PINK Book is a short daily e-note that comes into subscribers’ inbox with tools, resources and expert advice including the latest data, trends, tips and inspiration for small business owners, top execs, those in middle management and anywhere in between.

Learn how writing is used to engage intelligent women who are passionate about making a difference. Come away with ideas for how your business can embrace the power of the pen and the power of pink in 2013.

December 25th – Family Memories: Foundations for Memoirs

Many folks think about writing memoirs – generating a family history.  The holiday season when families gather triggers more thoughts about saving and sharing memories.  Vanessa Lowry, Stone Payton, Kevin Finn and Dr. Tim Morrison share memories and stories and events from their lives: recollections of family gatherings.  For them, it will be a journey down memory lane.  For the listeners, the hope is you will see how you can generate memories as well that could serve as the foundation for a book for your families.  This show was actually recorded on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving for broadcast on Christmas day so you are likely to hear a mixture of Thanksgiving and Christmas reflections.

December 18th – Finding the Best Fit

Two guests, representing different businesses, sharing a common goal of finding the best “fit” for the financial and business goals of their clients. Axxiom Franchise Advisers, LLC is a premier franchise consulting and brokerage organization that assists entrepreneurs, corporate refugees, dreamers, and many others to understand the benefits of business ownership and how they might control their own destiny and future through franchise ownership. Axxiom utilizes proprietary qualifying and search processes to find the best fit for their clients  in matching their personal and professional skill sets and financial resources to the ideal franchise system. Integrity Wealth Center is an independent investment services firm that takes pride in providing customized financial planning and wealth management solutions for its clients.Using an all-inclusive set of strategies that aims to grow, manage, protect, and distribute assets in a planned and integrated manner, Integrity Wealth Center provides insight into the concepts of wealth management and describes how the company crafts and implements a comprehensive wealth management plan personalized for each client – finding the best fit –   and helping their clients to attain life goals and dreams.

The guests are:  Bill King, founder and president of Axxiom Franchise Advisors, LLC and Keith Bowers, founder and president of Integrity Wealth Center.

What do each of these companies do to make sure that they find the best fit for their clients?  What sets them apart from their competition? And as always, we will ask “What part writing plays in their business.”

December 11th – Tackling the Tough Stuff: Change Management – Part II

On September 25th Write Here, Write Now interviewed Deborah Tyler and PeggySue Marquez-Kelly, managing partners of CEDA, Inc.(  The topic was change management which is the work CEDA, Inc. specializes in. Dr. Tim Morrison, host of Write Here, Write Now, has invited PeggySue and Deborah to return to the studio for another conversation.  The implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has begun to trigger changes in the way the healthcare industry may do business.

The healthcare industry certainly faces unprecedented challenges as hospitals, medical centers, healthcare organizations  and medical professionals discern how they will address the demand for greater quality of care while facing pressure to lower operational costs all while having to meet quality performance metrics directly tied to funding and financial incentives.

Sounds like “heavy stuff” but it is change management taking on the “perfect storm.” Deborah Tyler and PeggySue Marquez-Kelly will share their insights on how to approach and deal with this national change management challenge.

December 4th – Helping You to a Better, Stronger Business

You want to strengthen your company.  You have “how to questions” but are reluctant to talk to anyone because you don’t want to “expose” your vulnerability.  Maybe you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own business and you want some rock solid, been there, done that advice. This conversation is for you.

Angela Durden created Writer for Hire in 1992 and describes her work as managing the life cycle of words – working with others to bring strength and clarity to and through books, graphics, videos, audios and even songs. Angela is dedicated to helping companies, authors, music artists, and musicians find success and be profitable, and looks for opportunities to do that in a variety of ways. She knows the challenges of creating and growing a business.

Spencer Sterling is president of the North Atlanta branch of The Alternative Board – an international organization that is an exclusive, membership-based
organization that helps business owners achieve more profitability, productivity and personal fulfillment. Spencer is grounded in more than just theory.  His career includes over 35 years as an engineer and manager with Ford Motor Company, serving as interim manager to return an international company to profitability and to identify its next leader, and consulting with small and medium size businesses.

And we are going to attempt something new – if you are listening to the live broadcast and have a question for either Angela or Spencer, email your question to and we’ll ask it.

November 27 – What Makes Your Company Unique?

Join hosts Dr. Tim Morrison and Vanessa Lowry as they talk with Linda Zuk of FocusFive Consulting, Deborah Schwartz Griffin of DSG & Associates and Essie Escobedo of Office Angels. The discussion focuses on the unique aspects of their businesses and how they convey that message to prospective clients. Essie will also tell how her new book, Stop Doing That!, serves as an expanded business card to highlight activities critical to business success that Office Angels provides for clients.

November 20th – Honoring Those Who Served and Learning Life Lessons from Them

For our Thanksgiving 2012 show, we bring together three military veterans to talk about their years of service to our nation, why they chose to serve and what they do now to help others who serve in the military. Each in their own way will challenge us to do similarly: provide help to those who serve, especially when those dedicated men and women come to the end of their military service. Amidst the discussion, you will hear words of gratitude especially for our nation and all that it offers and represents.  Dr. Tim Morrison and Vanessa Lowry join together to co-host this show and interview our distinguished guests:

Mark Eister – U.S. Army, Sergeant Major, retired; Director of Military Outreach, Georgia Perimeter College
Richard Teters – U.S. Army, Colonel, Viet Nam veteran, retired; Executive Director: The Center for Accountable Leaders, Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University andLecturer in Business and Economic History                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bill Williams – U.S. Army, Captain, enlisted then commissioned out of OCS, Viet Nam Veteran, left after tour; Franchise Advisor, Axxiom LLC

November 13th – Storefront Entrepreneurs Fulfilling Their Dreams

Storefront businesses and entrepreneurs are not words that often go together. This week on Write Here, Write Now, they do as host Dr. Tim Morrison talks with two long time friends each of whom started their own businesses and  occupy store fronts in Highland Plaza in East Cobb, GA.

Julia Travis owns and operates Chocolate Jewels Candy Company. Chocolate Jewels Candy Company is a brick and mortar retail candy store reminiscent of the old fashioned candy counters of the past! The store has 28 feet of candy cases filled with over 100 reasons for visiting, browsing and buying! The English Toffee which is the signature candy of CJCC comes from a family recipe that Julia learned from her mom. Julia makes the candies in her candy kitchen in the back of the store.

Doug Meadows is a third generation jeweler who with his brother David established David Douglas Diamonds and Jewelry. David Douglas Diamonds and Jewelry provides a friendly atmosphere for customers to shop with confidence because they are buying from a reputable, family jeweler with a tradition of fine craftsmanship and service. The grandsons continue the tradition started over 70 years ago by their grandfather.

Why did each guest choose to be an entrepreneur in a store front plaza?  What are the challenges and joys of their work? What encouragement will they offer to others who might hold a similar dream.  This and more will emerge as Dr. Tim interviews his friends and this week’s guests.