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Tuesday, May 24th – Creating Books by Re-purposing One’s Career

Listen in as 2 very dynamic individuals share their stories of using their careers to trigger becoming authors. What motivated them? What success have they experienced?  Peter Bowerman had a solid career in sales and marketing.  He began writing copy, turned that into a full time occupation, wrote and self-published his first book, The Well-Fed Writer.  He followed that with TWFW-Back for Seconds. Four years ago he added a third: The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living. He also generates revised editions of his The Well-Fed Writer books.  Mike Pniewski has appeared in hundreds of films, TV shows, commercial and industrial films.  This past season he had a recurring role on The Good Wife and appears in the upcoming season of Drop Dead Diva.  Mike wrote When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw’em Back!: How to Create the Life You Want, No Matter What Comes Your Way.

May 17th Show – Emerging Writers with a Focus and Mission

You’ve thought of writing a book – someday.  Today’s guests had that vision as well.  All three have written their books. The youngest of the three guests has had his published and has expereinced amazing media success.  Taylor LeBaron, a high school student, wrote Cutting Myself in Half: 150 Pounds Lost One Byte at a Time. He tells of his personal journey to fitness from weighing 297 pounds to attaining his goal of 145 pounds.  Business women RuthE Levy and Kimberly Furr have each written a book for their grandchildren. RuthE and Kimberly will share what motivated them to write and how their grandchildren responded.

May 10th Show – Author with a Niche… Jessica D. Chapman, founder of Room to Breathe Professional Organizers. Guest host today is Vanessa Lowry.

Publishing a book can attract ideal clients and today’s guest has done just that. Find out how organizing expert and consultant Jessica D. Chapman has used her book, “The Entrepreneurial Itch: A Practical Guide to Launching or Refining Your Business” to expand her business niche. Feedback from readers of her book has caused her to launch a new program and workbook, “9 Minutes to an Organized Office.” She coaches small business owners to grow their business and roll over any speed bumps to growth.

Stories from Viet Nam Veterans

Let me state clearly up front, I am no Tom Brokaw. His book The Greatest Generation is a powerfully written book. The stories and reflections captured me completely when I read the book. Brokaw’s concept has motivated me to want to capture stories from veterans of the Viet Nam War. I’ve begun the process by asking my friends who are Viet Nam veterans to share their stories with me. I’ll be in my hometown of Greenville, PA in the coming week and have put out the word that I’d like to collect stories from my classmates who served in Viet Nam and any other veterans from that war. I’ve asked them to meet for a couple hours one afternoon to talk and share. I want to hear their stories: the ones of battle, life in base camp, what went on during R&R (that is shareable), memories of friends. Are you a Viet Nam veteran? Do you know some Viet Nam veterans? Please email me; have your friends contact me. I’d like to hear your stories as well.

May 3 Show – Guests: Renee Walkup, President and CEO at SalesPeak, a company specializing in providing innovative consultative sales tactics that boost clients’ sales and profits; Ahmad Meradji, President and CEO of BookLogix Publishing Services, Inc.

Renee has authored two books: Selling to Anyone Over the Phone and The Naked Sales Person. In this session of Write Here, Write Now, Renee shares with listeners what motivated her to write her first book and then why a second book became a must. BookLogix in conjunction with Apex Book Manufacturing helps writers publish their books. Ahmad tells of how his dream of a company to help writers publish became a reality.

April 26th Show – Guests: Richard Kirby, Founder of Executive Impact, Inc., a leading career coaching firm in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Robin Kirby, certified clinical psychologist and certified clinical hypnotherapist; guest host is Vanessa Lowry

Writing a book combines fun with challenges. There is the excitement of writing with the struggles of writer’s block. Spouses Richard and Robin Kirby know the writing journey up close and personal. Each has written a book. Each has experienced life as the spouse of someone engaged in writing a book. Each uses their book to enhance their businesses. Hear their unique perspectives on the world of writing as authors and as the spouse of an author.

April 19th Show – Guests: Greta Jaeger, Life Coach with Coaching Your Dreams; Laura Biering, Coach/Consultant with True Voices; Stan Gay, sports agent and owner of the Atlanta Chiefs semi-pro football team.

For each of these guests, “someday” has arrived or lingers close at hand. Laura has written one book and is immersed in a second one. Greta has created a rough overview of the book she has always wanted to write and has the initial draft of the introduction. Stan has worked on identifying his topic and his audience and the message he wants to share when he begins to write. Three entrepreneurs share their hopes, dreams, plans and maybe even some of their anxieties as they stand at the initial stages of writing a book.

Write Here, Write Now – Initial Show featuring guests: Vanessa Lowry, Joe Colavito and Kevin Quiles

Listen in as Vanessa Lowry, Joe Colavito and Kevin Quiles share their stories of how they came to be authors. Vanessa, of Connect4Leverage, has written two books and works with authors in creating cover designs and layout for their books. Joe Colavito is Vice President of External Development for Wells University. He wrote his first book 4 years ago and has written 2 more since then with several others still churning in his mind, awaiting their turn to be written. Kevin Quiles’ book came out in 2010. He shares stories and experiences from his work as a spiritual care coordinator for hospice. Kevin is a great example of an individual who planned to write a book “someday” and did. Listen as they share the challenges they faced and the joys they’ve celebrated.

Welcome to Write Here, Write Now.

If you have looked around this mini-website, you have already learned that our focus is talking with business leaders, entrepreneurs and professional about their work and the book they have written, are in the process of writing or that they intend to write someday. The overall purpose of the show is to encourage everyone who has ever dreamed of writing a book “someday” to do just that. With business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals, Stone and I will get them to share their writing stories: the struggles, the fun, the celebrations, the breaking out in cold sweat moments and ultimately the magic of holding in their hands their very own book.

I intend to “mix it up” a bit with the guests: experienced authors, emerging authors, planning to become an author, publishers, layout and cover design people. Most of the time the guests will be in the studio; occasionally I’ll reach out across the country to “bring in” by phone a special guest to share insights and experiences.

I welcome your suggestions for guests, issues you would like to have addressed that pertain to writing and questions you might have.

Join Stone and me and our guests, live each Tuesday morning at 10:00 or by audio file at your convenience when business leaders, entrepreneurs and professional come together to discuss the power of the pen and its impact on their business: Write Here, Write Now.