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March 26th – Write Now Academy

With this particular broadcast, new weekly shows on Write Here, Write Now will be on hiatus.  And this show explains why.

Dr. Tim Morrison and Vanessa Lowry, the regular hosts of Write Here, Write Now, explain how they have joined with Sandy Weaver Carman of Voicework on Demand to create an online writing school.  They discuss the dream, the benefits and advantages and features that the Write Now Academy will provide.  Much of the material in the academy will draw upon the interviews from Write Here, Write Now.  In their conversation, Vanessa, Sandy and Dr. Tim mention the email address for Write Now Academy and encourage listeners to share their thoughts with them.  What would you  like to see or have available through Write Now Academy to help you with your writing journey? Send your questions and inquiries to


March 19th – What a Difference a Year Makes . . . and That Difference Is You!

With a nod to Barry Manilow and a twist to the title to one of his songs . . . We look at the difference an entrepreneur can make to one’s business by shifting focus, changing emphasis, realigning priorities, any combination of these. Andrea Rosenthal and Tricia Molloy have appeared on previous WHWN broadcasts. We have invited them to return to talk with us about what changes they have made over the many months since their previous appearances. What impact have those changes had? What have they learned about themselves and the marketing and growth of their businesses?  What advice do they offer for others so that others can bring new energy and vitality to their businesses?

Tricia Molloy is a leadership speaker on change management and professional development through wise business practices. She wrote Working with Wisdom: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs and the CRAVE Your Goals! and DESIGN Your Ideal Life!eBooks.

Andrea Rosenthal is a career management and business coach at Career Soul~utions, Inc. where she supports individuals in identifying their unique skills, passions, interests, and values. Those qualities are then matched with careers that contribute to meaningful work.

March 12th – Business Leader, Entrepreneur and Professional All in One (actually Three)

Meet Rebecca Prien an intellectual property strategist and attorney and the Founder/CEO of Prien Creative Law Group LLC. Ms. Prien likes to use her strategic and creative mind to bring an integrated, right- and left-brain approach to client’s business and legal challenges. Currently Rebecca is making some major changes in her work as she launches a new brand and business model.

Meet Roger Haggerty of the Interlochen Group. Mr. Haggerty has vast experience in operations, finance and accounting combined with hands on work in numerous turnaround and improvement initiatives. Roger enjoys working directly with CEOs of privately-held companies to help them achieve their goals. Roger has recently published Hire Me: A practical guide to standing out in the crowded job market.

Meet Matt Roberts of Chisel Printing & Media.  Chisel Printing began “way back” when cassettes were the “in thing” in recording.  Chisel Printing & Media did so well, customers asked the company to expand into other media.  Chisel did. Matt has led the way.

Rebecca, Roger and Matt have been, are and continue to be business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals all at the same time.  How do they do it?  Why do they do it? And, as always, we will ask what part writing plays in their respective careers.