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March 5th – Meet the Write Choice Services Staff

Write Choice Services has sponsored Write Here, Write Now since its first broadcast in April, 2011.  Dr. Tim Morrison, the host of Write Here, Write Now, is also the president of Write Choice Services. This show provides listeners with an opportunity to hear from and learn about the independent contractors affiliated with Write Choice Services. Vanessa Lowry, permanent guest host of Write Here, Write Now,  interviews  Betsy Rhame-Minor, Jamie Bailey and Emily Lees. Discover how each of these individuals found their way to being an independent contractor with Write Choice Services; what their particular area of interest is in writing; the type of client project they enjoy working on. Oh, and listeners will most likely learn what these three women hold in common professionally that Dr. Tim doesn’t even come close to being able to claim.  And, if given the chance, Dr. Tim will probably counter with what he sees as his “school of hard knocks” equivalent.

February 26 – Collaboratively Publishing Their First Book

Kyle Young, Jeanie Ward, Cheryl Anne McGill and Andy Greider, joined with twenty-one other authors to publish their first book, The 28-Day Thought Diet. Hear how these first-time authors expect being published to impact their businesses. Did collaborating feel like a positive first step into the world of publishing? Find out what they learned through this process and if they plan to publish again. Vanessa Lowry, who developed the concept and gathered collaborators for this book, is hosting today’s show.

Find out more about these guests:

Kyle Young,

Jeanie Ward,

Cheryl Ann McGill,

Andy Greider,

February 19th – Adventures and Possibilities that Emerge from Unique Perspectives

Both Lisa Decker and Jim Beach possess intriguing career paths.  Lisa has 20 years of experience in running a successful construction-related business. She has engaged in real estate sales and investing as well as in health eduction. Jim has started businesses (his first at the age of 25), taught entrepreneurship, worked with the Japanese government and has been an adjunct faculty member at a university.  Today, Lisa Decker is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and CEO of Divorce Money Matters. She has written a comprehensive program on divorce: Secrets to a Sane, Savvy, Money-Saving Divorce. In 2009, Jim founded He is Executive Director of Recently he started two new radio shows: Restaurant Owner Radio and School for Startups Radio, both on Business Radio X. With co-authors, Jim wrote School for Startups,published by McGraw-Hill in June 2011.

How do Lisa and Jim gain the perspectives and/or insights that lead them to their business adventures?  What do they look for in order to generate a new business or a different approach to a life issue? What encouragement do they share with others?

February 12th – Hot Widow and Hidden Pain

In a span of five months and one week in 2007 Mishael Porembski became a widow, gave birth to her second child and lost her mother to breast cancer. She battled depression and exhaustion for years and wondered if she would ever be happy and laugh again. Out of her journey to wholeness and health, Mishael founded Team Hot Widow. She is in the process of writing the story of her journey to wholeness and happiness and health.

In Unmasking: One Woman’s Hidden Pain Gives Way to Peace and Victory, Mechelle Stephens shares her tumultuous journey in overcoming the scars and pain from being molested as a child and then experiencing domestic violence. Mechelle hungered to tell her story but had no idea how challenging the writing would be. Now her book provides a means for her to bring hope to others who struggle with hidden pain.

What drove Mishael and Mechelle to write their stories? What powerful insights will they provide us on the challenges and dreams connected with writing about one’s life?