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February 5th – In Pursuit of the “Better Mousetrap”

We know the saying, “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” Entrepreneurs Diane Bogino and Tim Sanders have each “built that better mousetrap” in their respective fields.  Diane’s business – Performance Strategies, Inc. – provides assessments, seminars, coaching, consulting and training to help companies become even better at what they do best.  Tim Sanders is part of the team that is Net Minds, a group publishing company. Consulting companies constantly proclaim, “We can help you make a real difference in how you do business and get business.”  Similarly, we can find a multitude of publishing companies each of which declares they can do the best job helping authors. 

As part of Performance Strategies Diane Bogino also hosts GBDN tv (Georgia Business Directory Network).  She creates and produces video interviews of business leaders.  She then edits the video and uploads them to a youtube url.  She shares the links with her clients who can then leverage the video url.

Net Minds could be described as a brokerage for writers:  authors come looking for a coach and/or ghostwriter and layout design person and marketing person; editors/writers come looking for a potential client as do design specialist.  Net Minds uses proprietary processes to assemble the best team.

What makes Performance Strategies and Net Minds different?  What is their “better mousetrap?”  How did each create its concept?

January 29th – Understanding the Uniqueness of a Business and Writing about It

Write Choice Services, the sponsor of Write Here, Write Now, exists because the company believes everyone has a book “inside” that needs to be written someday. Write Choice Services works with business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals in their writing process.  A primary intent of Write Here, Write Now is to provide encouragement to business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals to write the book which shares their individual and unique approach to their work and what sets them apart from the competition.  Today’s guests – Echo Garrett and Dr. Carl Amodio – are individuals who understand the significance of writing about that difference.

Dr. Amodio is a chiropractor and gifted healer. He is collaborating with Echo Garrett, acclaimed author and journalist, on a book called Optimize You: New Hope for Health and Healing. Echo and her husband, Kevin, have personally experienced Dr. Amodio’s different perspective on healing and wholeness.  Carl recognizes the importance of sharing that “unique difference” with others through a book that offers insight into a healthier you and also serves as an example to other professionals on the impact that a book can have.

January 22nd – Work and Writing That Makes You Go WaHoo!

Today we talk with entrepreneurs whose work and writing create a WaHoo level of satisfaction for them. Join hosts Dr. Tim Morrison and Vanessa Lowry as they talk with David Cohen and Robert Brian Johnson.

David, owner of Equation Arts, works with small business owners on strategy and marketing to help them find the awesome edge to their business — and is writing a book about it. David also hosts the weekly radio show, Be A Beacon.

Brian is the owner of JCAT General Contractors & Maintenance. First creating fictional short stories rooted in his experiences as a serial entrepreneur, Brian recently published his first novel, Into the Black.

Listen to this episode of Write Here, Write Now for ideas on how you might increase WaHoo in your own life.

January 15th – The Powerful Difference between the Right Word and the Almost Right Word

The topic for this show is based upon one of Mark Twain’s best known quotes: The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.

Today’s guests know, understand and practice the powerful difference between the right word and the almost right word. Ty Young owns Ty Media Group which helps budding entrepreneurs leverage their business to achieve real success.Using the right word(s) in marketing and branding is critical.  Ken Crosson is an attorney who practices law for individuals, families and small businesses.  Contracts and legal documents have to be exact.  Using the correct word is critical. How do they determine what words to use? Does it really matter? Was Mark Twain right . . . or wrong?  How important is using the right word for Ty Young and Ken Crosson in their respective work?  Should the right word be as important to us?

January 8th – Security: As a Business and for Our Businesses and Homes and Elsewhere

What should we as individuals, family members, business leaders know about personal security? What about security in the workplace? We know only too well how seemingly safe settings can become terribly unsafe in a matter of seconds. Are there actions or precautions we can take to minimize our personal risk? What can we do to increase safety for our families? Where we work? How we travel? Is any community free of risk from terrorism?

Russ Giudicessi and Bart Mitcham from Action Training Academy in Cobb County, GA, and Brett Braatan, retired U.S.Customs Service and Department of Homeland Security agent,join WHWN host, Dr. Tim Morrison, to discuss personal security, corporate security and how they are impacted by national security.

Russ Giudicessi is an Executive Protection Specialist for business personnel, clergy, and government officials for Action Training Academy.Russ also has years of Corporate Security experience in facilities, plants and personnel. Mr. Giudicessi is a licensed private investigator.

Capt. Bart Mitcham retired from the U.S. Navy after 26 years of duty which included 12 years of flying and 14 years of Counter Terrorism, Counter Intelligence, Weapons and Drug Interdiction and Embassy Security. Capt. Mitcham Bart is the author of numerous self defense articles and several books. His latest book is How to Become a Real Live Action Hero.

Agent Brett Braatan specialized in cases involving unlawful import practices that adversely affected vulnerable U.S. industries. Agent Braatan’s book Homeland Insecurity: Failed Politics, Policies, and a Nation at Risk, gives a rare, behind the scene glimpse of the actual workings of federal law enforcement agencies and the true nature of their inter-agency relationships.