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January 1st – Embracing the Power of Pink

Women are a powerful force, spending $20 trillion each year. Smart businesses know the importance of engaging women as employees, leaders, partners and clients. Vanessa Lowry talks with Cynthia Good, CEO and Founding Editor of PINK, one of the first publications to transition to a totally digital platform. Targeting working women, Little PINK Book is a short daily e-note that comes into subscribers’ inbox with tools, resources and expert advice including the latest data, trends, tips and inspiration for small business owners, top execs, those in middle management and anywhere in between.

Learn how writing is used to engage intelligent women who are passionate about making a difference. Come away with ideas for how your business can embrace the power of the pen and the power of pink in 2013.

December 25th – Family Memories: Foundations for Memoirs

Many folks think about writing memoirs – generating a family history.  The holiday season when families gather triggers more thoughts about saving and sharing memories.  Vanessa Lowry, Stone Payton, Kevin Finn and Dr. Tim Morrison share memories and stories and events from their lives: recollections of family gatherings.  For them, it will be a journey down memory lane.  For the listeners, the hope is you will see how you can generate memories as well that could serve as the foundation for a book for your families.  This show was actually recorded on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving for broadcast on Christmas day so you are likely to hear a mixture of Thanksgiving and Christmas reflections.

December 18th – Finding the Best Fit

Two guests, representing different businesses, sharing a common goal of finding the best “fit” for the financial and business goals of their clients. Axxiom Franchise Advisers, LLC is a premier franchise consulting and brokerage organization that assists entrepreneurs, corporate refugees, dreamers, and many others to understand the benefits of business ownership and how they might control their own destiny and future through franchise ownership. Axxiom utilizes proprietary qualifying and search processes to find the best fit for their clients  in matching their personal and professional skill sets and financial resources to the ideal franchise system. Integrity Wealth Center is an independent investment services firm that takes pride in providing customized financial planning and wealth management solutions for its clients.Using an all-inclusive set of strategies that aims to grow, manage, protect, and distribute assets in a planned and integrated manner, Integrity Wealth Center provides insight into the concepts of wealth management and describes how the company crafts and implements a comprehensive wealth management plan personalized for each client – finding the best fit –   and helping their clients to attain life goals and dreams.

The guests are:  Bill King, founder and president of Axxiom Franchise Advisors, LLC and Keith Bowers, founder and president of Integrity Wealth Center.

What do each of these companies do to make sure that they find the best fit for their clients?  What sets them apart from their competition? And as always, we will ask “What part writing plays in their business.”

December 11th – Tackling the Tough Stuff: Change Management – Part II

On September 25th Write Here, Write Now interviewed Deborah Tyler and PeggySue Marquez-Kelly, managing partners of CEDA, Inc.(  The topic was change management which is the work CEDA, Inc. specializes in. Dr. Tim Morrison, host of Write Here, Write Now, has invited PeggySue and Deborah to return to the studio for another conversation.  The implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has begun to trigger changes in the way the healthcare industry may do business.

The healthcare industry certainly faces unprecedented challenges as hospitals, medical centers, healthcare organizations  and medical professionals discern how they will address the demand for greater quality of care while facing pressure to lower operational costs all while having to meet quality performance metrics directly tied to funding and financial incentives.

Sounds like “heavy stuff” but it is change management taking on the “perfect storm.” Deborah Tyler and PeggySue Marquez-Kelly will share their insights on how to approach and deal with this national change management challenge.