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November 6th – Entrepreneurs with a Niche

Some folks seem to know what they want to do and be in life from the “get go.”  Others have an idea, try something, work variations on a theme and then head in another direction.  Ultimately to be successful and content, we need to find our niche, our place in the business world. Rob Teem and Jerrund Wilkerson share their particular journeys.  Rob Teem has continued a family tradition of being in the printing business.  Mr. Teem owns and operates Paramount Graphics.  Jerrund Wilkerson is a registered pharmacist, began his career as a pharmacist and continues to work as a pharmacist one day a month. He has been an executive in the health care industry.  Today Jerrund leads Level 10 Healthcare Group a high performance management consulting firm.

What causes one individual to stay in the family business while another becomes highly skilled in a career then tweaks it, goes in another direction but doesn’t forsake education and training – merely takes it to different arenas and practical applications. Each strives to provide services that help the individual to grow, to reach new levels in their professional lives.

October 30th – Tackling the Tough Stuff II: Turning Procrastination into Productivity

Most people who actually start writing a book never finish writing it. Is procrastination a major factor? That combined with a fear of failure perhaps.  Procrastination can impact just about every aspect of our lives.  We may call it something else but at its heart it is procrastination.  How can we better recognize it in our lives and when we do, how do we overcome it? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone help us recognize procrastination in what we do – or don’t do? Think of what we could accomplish in addition to all that we currently achieve!

Dr. Tim Morrison interviews Dr. Michelle Tullier, the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Overcoming Procrastination and seven other books. Michelle is also a regional vice president for a leading global consulting firm where she manages career coaching and employee development solutions for major corporations. Listen as Dr. Tullier shares her insights and secrets and bold truths about battling procrastination – turning it into productivity. And maybe she will tell listeners what it takes to write 8 books.

October 23rd – Providing a Voice for the Voiceless

Who is doing what to provide a voice for the voiceless?  What individuals or organizations generate meaningful dialogue and a positive exchange of ideas? This edition of Write Here, Write Now provides a look into two very different organizations who each bring the hope of being heard and a positive exchange of ideas to thousands if not millions of people.

Chad Peace and Emma Goda join us by telephone from San Diego to tell us about the Independent Voter Network (IVN), an online news platform for communication between independent-minded voters, public officials, civic leaders, and journalists. The purpose of is to provide unfiltered political news and policy analysis across the political spectrum. IVN actively encourages contributors and readers of differing political tendencies to engage in a constructive dialogue. IVN is a project of the Foundation for Independent Voter Education (FIVE)  which is dedicated to restoring the importance of open dialogue, engagement, and constructive compromise in our political system, unfiltered by the partisanship that drives the larger public dialogue. FIVE defines “independent” as people, positions, or information not dictated by a partisan point of view.

In the studio with  host, Dr. Tim Morrison, is Lee Lambert, author of  The Caregiver’s Companion. Through her book and other activities, Lee seeks to provide a platform so caregivers may have a voice and be supported through the empowerment of the individual, the family and the community. Ms. Lambert’s goal is to make available simple strategies and important tools to assist caregivers in effectively addressing the complex challenges of providing quality care for loved ones. Lambert says, “We must speak for those precious loved ones who cannot speak for themselves – and do it effectively.”

October 16th – A Unique Look at Return On Investment

Regardless of our business or profession, we all want to maximize our return on investment.  What can we do to enhance ROI?  What might we be missing in our day to day activities that keep us from increasing our ROI? Are there other elements to improving ROI than just branding and more effective advertising and marketing?  What impact can social media have on ROI?

An eye opening, mind expanding experience await listeners as Tijana Lehtikoski and Rabbi Pamela Jay Gottfried join host, Dr. Tim Morrison, in the BRX studio for an exciting discussion on ROI in our business and in our personal lives.

Ms. Lehtikoski is a principle with AIDEA Digital, a boutique Marketing Strategy Consulting focused on online marketing strategy. Rabbi Gottfried is a member of CLAL’s Rabbis without Borders fellowship.

October 9 – Publishing to Expand Speaking Opportunities

The national chapter of the National Speakers Association released a statistic last year that 55% of their members are authors and more than half of those earn $5,000+ for a full day engagement. Today’s show features speaker’s agent, Kelly Powley, and trainer, consultant, speaker & author, Wendy Ellin. Kelly specializes in promoting speakers for events, conferences and other speaking engagements. Wendy is one of her clients and has a newly published book, Enough is Enough, Get Control of Your Stuff! Join guest host Vanessa Lowry for a lively discussion of how Wendy turned one of her popular workshop topics on increasing productivity into a published book and how having a published book impacts the type of engagements Kelly is able to book for her clients.