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October 2nd – From Start-up to Dynamic Adventure: a Story of Two Businesses

An impressive 55% of new companies are begun by women.  What triggers these creative adventures?  A chance conversation?  A news article? A long held dream? An I can do that attitude?  A bit of each of these?  We learn about two companies begun by dynamic women determined to make a difference. Medical Staffing Resources is one of Atlanta’s oldest, established healthcare staffing firms. By providing top talent, MSR believes they can truly make a difference in the long term stability of the healthcare community. 5 WIVES is a concierge business created to make life more manageable and enjoyable for its clients. Whether it is cleaning house, organizing files, washing sheets, restocking a pantry, or picking up dry cleaning, 5 WIVES engages in best practices, adheres to efficiency, and constantly seeks ways to add value to the customer’s life.

 The guests are Michelle Lee and Adecia Shumate. As always the guests will be asked in what ways writing is a part of their business.

Michelle Lee serves as President and CEO of Medical Staffing Resources; she began with the company as a recruiter in the first few years of the business.  Michelle continues to build upon the mission and dream of the founder from whom Michelle purchased the company.  Adecia Shumate founded 5 WIVEs after the idea was first conceived during lunch with about 20 single friends in 2006.

September 25th – Tackling the Tough Stuff: Change Management

Change happens . . . or not.  How a company and its management choose to deal with change impacts the company’s overall strength and profitability. CEDA, Inc. provides  seasoned experts to consult with businesses and enterprises that  face or are undergoing change. CEDA experts effectively manage complex, technical processes while at the same time motivating people to perform at maximum potential. CEDA experts help their clients set direction, align people and inspire innovation in order to navigate the potential and real turbulence encountered in change and  to move successfully through the challenges with greater strength and a solid foundation combined with a clear focus for the future.

PeggySue Marquez-Kelly, managing partner of CEDA, and Deborah Tyler, president of CEDA, join host Dr. Tim Morrison in the studio for a conversation on change management.  Can businesses anticipate change?  Are there “tell-tale” signs?  What triggers change? Is change good or bad or does it “depend?” What makes CEDA unique?  And, of course, there is always the question: what role does writing have in the work CEDA does?

September 18 – When Busy Entrepreneurs Write

Today’s show features three entrepreneurs who are writing their books while running their individual businesses. Jennifer Moore recently left a professorship at Kennesaw State University to focus full time on her counseling and coaching practice, Isis Consulting, while starting to write her first book. PR entrepreneurs Debbie Fitzgerald, president of Fitzgerald PR, and Ed Van Herik, founder of Van Herik Communications, are writing a book together. Like most entrepreneurs, these guests have more ideas than time, so we’ll talk with them about why they are writing a book, how they are creating time to write and where they are getting stuck in the process. Tim Morrison and Vanessa Lowry are both in the studio to ask questions and offer suggestions on moving these manuscripts along.

September 11th – Confronting the Tough Stuff of Business

How successful is your executive leadership in engaging employees and building a culture that elicits innovation and creativity?  Do you have employees who seem to have left most of themselves at home but are very much present come pay day?  And how fiscally fit is your business or company?  Is it sound enough to achieve corporate visions and goals.  What might a fiscal check up reveal?  Is it possible to undergo a meaningful fiscal diagnosis that will generate a solid treatment plan and lead to an ongoing wellness procedure? And about employees? Is there a way to clearly to generate a “bring it on” attitude in management and employees in order to maintain innovation and creativity?

Today’s guests come with answers, ideas and insights.

 Roger Blackstock is Founder and CEO of Peer Synergy Group an executive advisory firm focused on helping CEO’s and Executives in leading self, leading people, and leading culture. He retired from the U.S. Army with the rank of Colonel.  He was a Green Beret and Jump Master.  Roger is also an Atlanta region Chair for Vistage International, the global leader in the executive performance field and the world’s largest CEO membership organization.

Gary Patterson has more than 30 years of senior management experience and has provided high level strategic guidance for more than 200 companies — from start-ups to  Fortune 500.  — to provide high level strategic guidance and expertise. His company – FiscalDoctor™  – helps CEOs, board members, executive teams, and private equity investors and owners achieve fiscal health.