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August 28th – Writing that Emerges from Terror, Torment and Tribulation

Studies and personal experience tell us that writing about challenging, pain chilling experiences can help us move on after the trauma. In this broadcast our guests share their own experiences around this kind of writing.

The ArtReach Foundation, Inc. is an international non-profit dedicated to children and adults in their recovery from the traumatic effects from war, violence, or natural disaster. The ArtReach Model®  incorporates the creative arts therapies within a psycho-dynamic group process. Writing is one of those art forms. ArtReach is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and is also a registered NGO in Jordan. Ms. Susan Anderson is Founder & CEO of The ArtReach Foundation, Inc. Ms. Anderson is establishing an important U.S. initiative called “ArtReach: Project America” to help U.S. military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and mild-traumatic brain injuries.

Robert Faulkender is a retired Army officer, businessman, and college professor. He is a graduate of West Point, and, while in the Military, earned an advanced degree in Operations Research Systems Analysis from Georgia Tech. In retirement, Bob has taken an interest in writing.  In his first book, Bob wrote about his military experiences based on his first year in Vietnam – Filtered by Time.

September 4 – From Different Backgrounds to Professional Life Coach – Two Individuals’ Journeys

Katherine (Kit) Kammer is an international leadership, team and career coach. Her journey to helping thousands of individual realize their performance potential and achieve their dream jobs began with her studies at LSU and a bachelors degree in music education followed by a MS in Business Administration.  Kit has a long and impressive career in leadership development and outplacement.  Her company is Kammer & Associates.

Continual growth in his own life is important for Peter Vajda. Although Peter holds a PhD in cognitive psychology, he continues to read, study and learn.  He has been a professor, manager of instructional design departments, and a life coach.  He describes himself as Chief Guide at True North Partnering where he focuses on supporting individuals as they work through and overcome personal barriers and obstacles that get in the way of their experiencing success, happiness, confidence and control.

August 21 – Wife, Humanitarian, Author, Speaker Finds Time to Write – Perhaps You Can, Too

Beth Misner describes herself as an author, speaker, humanitarian, wife and mother.  Other applicable appellations are founder, director, entrepreneur.  Beth has contributed to several books authored by her husband, Ivan Misner, founder of BNI.  She recently released her own first book Jesus and the Secret and is working on her second book currently titled, Called Out. Beth founded and directs the Journey Center in Claremont, CA. Ashley, Cassandra and Trey are her 3 adult children.  Together Ivan and Beth support children’s educational programs all over the world through the BNI-Misner Foundation. This is but a small taste of all the Beth engages in, so why does she write?  What does she hope to achieve through writing?  How does she find the time?  And the topics?

August 14 – Virtual Book Tours, Press Releases and Capturing Attention

Sandy Beckwith has experience on both sides of the book promotion fence. She conducted winning publicity campaigns for her own books, as well as successfully promoted books for her clients. She uses workshops and one-on-one coaching to help individuals and organizations learn how to generate their own publicity. Find out more at

Sandra is the author of two publicity books – Streetwise Complete Publicity Plans: How to Create Publicity That Will Spark Media Exposure and Excitement, a how-to guide for small business owners like freelance writers, and Publicity for Nonprofits: Generating Media Exposure That Leads to Awareness, Growth, and Contributions, a step-by-step manual for nonprofit organizations. She is also the author of WHY CAN’T A MAN BE MORE LIKE A WOMAN? and has ghostwritten several nonfiction books.

Permanent guest host Vanessa Lowry talks with Sandra about virtual book tours, tips for creating and distributing press releases and how to capture the attention of the media and your target reader.

Post a question for Sandra or leave a comment of what you found helpful from her interview.

August 7th – The Book That Begs to be Written

At Write Choice Services and Write Here, Write Now, we believe that business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals have a book staring at them that begs to be written.  The book does not have to be long or involved; it does have to share solid information and provide insight. Today’s guest, Mike Dunham, is putting the finishing touches on his “book that begs to be written.”  Mike is a partner at Gibson, Deal, Fletcher and Dunham Law Offices.  He has extensive experience in landlord-tenant matters.  Drawing upon Georgia Legal Code and his own practice, Attorney Dunham has crafted an insightful book to help both landlords and tenants understand the laws and processes pertinent to rental property.  Our conversation will focus on the process of writing – how he identified his “book,” how he set about to write it, what the experience has been like, insights that he has for others.