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July 3rd – Men Writing Memoirs

From the perspective of writing coach/editor and host of Write Here, Write Now, Tim Morrison, there is no difference in possible or potential approaches between men and women in writing a memoir; in fact, Dr. Tim has found a curious common thread which he will share during this broadcast.  Brian H Settles and William L Graham are the guests.  Former airline captain Brian Settles writes of life as a bi-racial orphan who became a fighter pilot to overcome the demons of his childhood.  He flew in nearly 200 combat missions in Viet Nam. His book No Reason for Dying shares a ruthless, honest testimony of his wartime experience and the hard lessons he subsequently learned in search of himself as he sought a greater purpose in life.

After a visit to his boyhood/growing up communities of Baltzer and Drew, Mississippi, William Graham realized that it would be impossible for his own adult children and certainly his grandchildren to visit and know the Mississippi Delta and its towns of his youth and formative years. He set about to document the times, places, people and events that shaped his life and left an indelible mark on him as a person.

How did each determine the approach to take for writing his individual memoir?  What challenges did they encounter? What advice do they share? Listen to the encouragement they offer as men who wrote  and published their memoirs.

June 26th – Happiness: Two Distinct Journeys by Different Authors with a Similar Outcome

Diane Dunn began her professional career in theater in New York City.  Today Diane owns and operates Paz y Luz Healing Center and Bread and Breakfast in Cusco’s Sacred Valley in Peru. In between she earned her Masters of Divinity degree, and developed a church-based community outreach program for homeless and unemployed people in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa.  Ms Dunn is known as a healer and teacher and leads workshops throughout the world. She has written two books:  Cusco: the Gateway to Inner Wisdom and  Cusco II: the Magic of the Munay-Ki, a Love Story.

 Dr. Ken Harmon is Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Kennesaw State University.  Prior to this appointment, Dr. Harmon served as dean of Kennesaw State University’s Coles College of Business. Harmon has served in faculty and administrative positions with six other universities.  Currently Dr. Harmon is working on his book with a working title of Managing Happiness.  In the book he discusses how leaders can understand the research on happiness and use that information to create a better workplace environment.

June 19th – Inspiration from Gardening

What inspires people to write? Just about anything – really.  For Heather Marie Wilson inspiration came from a garden she planted. Heather Marie’s life looked successful on the outside.  She attained a great job right out of college, received steady promotions. As  a strategy and marketing professional, she devoted  more than a decade to studying personal development and to improving the quality of people’s lives. She rose to the level of corporate executive at a  Fortune 50 company.  Then she planted a garden – literally – and began to see and experience her life and the success spiral differently. She wrote down the thoughts and reflections and “ah ha” moments that came to her.  Out of those writings emerged her book: Seeds of Freedom: Cultivating a Life that Matters.

What was it about gardening that touched the life of a corporate executive and spawned a book and a new approach to life and work?

June 12th – The Momentum of Multiple Books

Jon Gordon’s best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. He is the author of The Wall Street Journal bestseller The Energy Bus, The No Complaining Rule, Training Camp, The Shark and The Goldfish, Soup, The Seed and his latest The Positive Dog. Host Vanessa Lowry talks with Jon about his writing process and the success of his books — including The Energy Bus being in the Top 10 Wall Street Journal list of Best Sellers only few weeks ago, even though it is one of his earliest books. They will also discuss the promotional activities Jon engages in and how having multiple books published has impacted his business. Learn more about Jon at

Leave a comment below with any questions you want Vanessa to ask Jon (before June 12th). Then leave a comment to let us know how his interview inspired or educated you in your own publishing journey.