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June 5th – The Journey to a Traditional Publisher

It is every writer’s dream, isn’t it? To be published by a mainstream, traditional publisher. Today’s guests’ individual books are being released mid-June by two different, readily recognized, traditional publishers.  Different stories, different journeys, same end result.  How did they do it?

Echo Garrett co-authored My Orange Duffel Bag: A Journey to Radical Change. This mini-memoir of Sam Bracken, her co-author, shares his journey of abuse, homelessness and abandonment to becoming a successful college athlete and then leader in business. Echo now leads a non-profit called the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation, which teaches the book’s transformational change principles to at-risk youth ages 12-24. This is Echo’s third appearance on Write Here, Write Now.

Joel Manby is president and CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment – the largest family owned theme park corporation in the U.S.  Joel has also been a highly successful corporate executive at Saturn and then as Saab North America’s CEO.  He was featured on a 2010 episode of the hit TV series Undercover Boss.  Joel’s book is Love Works.  Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders. In Love Works, Joel provides the framework for successful leadership that results not only in a deeply satisfying work life, but also in a passionate and motivated workforce.  Joel comes to Write Here, Write Now after a week in New York City where he was promoting his book.

May 29th – When One Genre Is Not Enough

Most of the guests on Write Here, Write Now do the “happy dance” when they get their first book written.  Some go on to write 2 or 3 more.  All tend to stay in the same genre.  What is it like to write in different areas? Or even to be a ghost writer?  Kindred Howard is the founder of Family Upward and the organization’s lead marriage, parent and family life coach. Family Upward is an organization devoted to building stronger families. 

 Howard has authored over 30 social studies books used by schools in 9 states. He is a ghostwriter. And his newest book is:  Cavemen in Babyland: What New & Expecting Mommies Should Know About New Daddies (So That They Won’t Kill Them). In this interview, Kindred will share his insights into being able to write text books, a self-help book, along with the challenges of being/using a ghost writer.

May 22nd – Raise Your Joy Factor Before You Write

Have you tried to write when you were anxious or overwhelmed — maybe feeling a little creatively blocked? Get ideas for raising your joy factor before you write from Wendy Watkins, author of the Joy Factor Recipe Book and Joy Strategist of PassionFruit Creative People. Hear Wendy’s story of starts, stops and detours that culminated in her recently published book. Learn how her book was created from a combination of her own stories interwoven with art and recipes from a group of joyful contributors. In addition to Wendy on today’s show, you’ll hear from two of her joyful contributors including Vanessa Lowry, today’s host, and Juliette Mansour, founder of Casa Dresden. Post your own recipe for raising your joy factor in our comments section below!

May 15th – The Genesis of a Book Topic

Where did that idea come from?  Ever have that reaction when you read a book title? That reaction is closely followed with, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Or maybe your reaction is to go more deeply into your mind to scavenge for book ideas.  The guests for this broadcast have each created intriguing books with amazing content. Samuel Divine’s book is Battlegrounds to Boardrooms: Life Lessons from the Liberian Civil War to Corporate America. He discusses his journey growing up in Liberia before and during a brutal civil war. Today he is a CPA and business advisor.  Dr. Sheb True is associate dean of Michael J. Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. He is also a professor in the business college.  Dr. True served as editor for Business Acumen:  insights from the faculty and friends of the Coles College of Business. The book presents cutting edge insights and knowledge on effective leadership and business success.

May 8th – A Conversation in Contrasts

What thoughts, ideas, concerns, hopes and more go through the mind of a professional as he (or she) contemplates writing a book?  How does a professional marshall all that mind buzz and find focus to write?  On the other end of the process, what thoughts, ideas, concerns, hopes and more go through the mind of a professional as he (or she) contemplates the release and marketing of one’s new book? How does a professional marshall all that mind buzz and find focus for the marketing task ahead?  Most folks think that writing a book requires a lot of labor.  It can and often does.  Then when the book is written and finally ready for market, new writers discover that writing is only 20% of the work involved in generating a successful book; effective marketing of the book requires 80% of the necessary effort for success.  Justin Streeter, CPA, of Streeter-Riddle shares his thoughts as he begins writing a book which Justin intends to help increase client base for Streeter-Riddle.  George Horrigan, CPA, President of Fountainhead Consulting Group talks about his newest book Thriving Businesses and how he approaches marketing the book and the anticipated impact the book will have on Fountainhead Consulting.  And George will probably provide insights on his preparation, plans and work for his next book – Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business – scheduled for release in 2013.