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May 1st – One Simple Decision, a Major Life Impact

Doug Grady is President of High Achievers Network.  Marie-Antoinette Burrell is the owner of TalkText Mobile Messaging Solutions.  Each has engaged in their respective professions for many years.  Recently each made the simple decision to write a book with the intention of generating a wider reach and greater impact for their businesses.  Burrell’s book is geared for children and is titled Terrance Texter: Adventures in Mobile Phone Land. Grady’s books is The Ripple. Why did each elect to write a book?  What is their hope or intent?  What wisdom do they have to share with other business leaders who are considering writing a book?

April 24 – Press Kits, Promotions and Book Signings

Writing and getting your book published is only the first step — marketing and promotion are crucial to your book’s success. Join Vanessa Lowry as she interviews bestselling author Lisa Earle McLeod about the unique promotion of her latest book, The Triangle of Truth, named “A Top 5 Business Book for Leaders” by The Washington Post. Hear how new media and social networks have influenced Lisa’s marketing decisions since her first two books were published. In addition, Mimi Schroeder of the public relations firm MAX Communications will discuss the importance of creating a publicity plan for your book, the elements an author needs to include in your press kit and how to get the most out of your book signing events.

April 17th – Writing About the Miraculous

Judith MacNutt is a licensed psychotherapist and had a private practice for many years.  For several decades, Judith has joined psychotherapy with healing prayer.  In her book, Angels Are for Real, Judith pulls back the curtain on these intriguing beings and offers insight and stories of miraculous encounters and healing and hope that emerged from those encounters.  As an infant, Brad Schmidt was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. In the aftermath of three invasive surgeries, Brad was left unable to stand or even to begin to walk. The medical team told Brad’s parents that at best Brad would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Today Brad is a nationally ranked racquetball player and a chiropractor who works with law firms as an accident investigator. In Where Does the Fight Come From?, Brad tells of his life-long battle overcoming the effects of his fight with neuroblastoma, radiation, chemotherapy, learning how to walk, overcoming scoliosis – a side effect of the surgeries – and other related challenges.  What motivates credentialed/licensed professionals to choose to write about the miraculous?  What risks, if any, did they anticipate as each wrote their own book? What impact have Judith’s book and Brad’s book had on the lives of others?

April 10th – Celebrating One Year of Write Here, Write Now Broadcasts

Join host – Dr. Tim Morrison, permanent guest host – Vanessa Lowry, original co-host and producer – Stone Payton as they reflect on the first year of Write Here, Write Now.  How did the show get started?  Who are among the more memorable guests?  Any humorous moments that can be shared on air?  Worst guest?  Best guest?  Current producer and co-host Andy Lowe sits in the “driver’s seat” for this edition as he asks the questions of Dr. Tim, Vanessa and Stone.