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April 3rd – Accountability: A Critical Component for Success in Writing

We know that accountability is a critical component for success in anything we undertake, especially as business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs.  That accountability extends into writing as well.  One of the best ways to increase the likelihood of having a powerful, effective book is to engage in peer review as you write your manuscript – that means sending out chapters to colleagues and peers to review and critique and comment upon before you tackle your final draft.  When you engage in peer review, you become vulnerable: your book is your “baby.” You also open yourself to attaining a higher quality end product.  Today’s guests share their insights and experiences in opening themselves and their work and writing to “peer review” and the advantages they have gained from peer review.

Belinda Mays describes herself as a summa cum laude graduate from the school of Hard Knocks. Her book is  The Success Project, The Making of a Worthy Ideal.  Ms. Mays is the owner and founder of The Success Project, LLC.  She specializes in helping time-challenged business owners and entrepreneurs get the results they seek by providing coaching, tools, resources and accountability check-ins.  Jim Villwock, a former Fortune 500 global executive, is the founder of Job Doctors International and the creator of Integrated Success – the new model for Organizational and Individual Success.  Jim has written several books.  His current book is in peer review with at least 30 colleagues and peers commenting on Jim’s draft.

March 27th – Business Professionals Who Write Expressly for Children and Youth

Ben Halpert is the Director of Information Technology Risk Management and Compliance for a Fortune 500 firm.  E.G. Carter works for a Fortune 100 company.  Ben Halpert is leading a mission to keep all kids, including his own, safe online.  To that end, Ben has written The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home: The Family Gets a Computer and The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home: The Defeat of the Cyber Bully.  Halpert also created a nonprofit – Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc. – to promote the awareness and importance of online safety for children. E. G. Carter is living proof that no dream is impossible.  Battling with dyslexia, Carter earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Georgia and went on to create two companies.But as much success and acclaim that Carter achieved in the business world, there was an even greater challenge that he wanted to conquer – his dyslexia.  He did this to inspire his two sons and show them that nothing was impossible with dedication and hard work.  The result was CARLOUSIA – THE PASSING OF THE GUARD, the first in the new teen fantasy and young adult series, Carlousia.  Listen in to the amazing stories of these very successful business professionals who are also making a name for themselves as authors.

March 20th – A Conversation with Bestselling Author and International Business Leader, Dr. Ivan Misner

Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder and chairman of Business Network International  (BNI), the world’s largest business networking organization, and a senior partner of the Referral Institute, a global referral training company, joins Dr. Tim Morrison, host of Write Here, Write Now and a certified networker through the Referral Institute, for a conversation about Dr. Misner’s newest book – Business Networking and Sex (not what you think). Dr. Misner has written 16 books including three New York Times bestsellers. In addition to discussing the research that led to Dr. Misner’s newest book, Dr. Tim will ask Dr. Misner to share personal advice, suggestions and encouragement to other business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs about the power and impact derived from writing a book.

March 13th – The Legacy Your Child Left

In this week’s show, we talk with parents who turned the death of their child into a legacy to create hope and help for others. Debbie Houchins Sobeski is author of A Dove Set Free – A Mother’s Journey Through the Flood. In her book she chronicles her faith journey as a mother during her daughter Hannah’s battle with cancer. Debbie is also one of four co-founders of Hannah’s Hope Ministries operating under the mission statement “To provide hope to individuals and families in life crisis.” A movie about Hannah’s life is currently in production under the working title of “The Hannah Sobeski Movie.” The second guest on today’s show is W.E. (Bill) Smith who wrote Later: A Journey of Hope for When Everyone Survives which tells about his son Wes and the faith, family and community that helped them through a life-changing year. Wes loved life, looked for opportunities to laugh and enjoyed making others laugh until his death from leukemia. The foundation Bill co-founded, When Everyone Survives, has donated $625,000 to date for leukemia research in honor of Wes.
Join Vanessa Lowry and Tim Morrison as we discover the legacy of faith and influence left by the children of these parents/authors.

March 6th – The Power of Story to Enhance Our Writing and Our Bottom Line

We constantly hear the power of story:  in a job interview share a story of how you tackled a challenge at work and resolved it; when meeting with potential clients, tell a story of how your work or product had a positive impact on the bottom line of other clients; when writing an article or a book, fill it with personal stories.  Today’s guests have highly successful businesses, speak often to challenge others to success and are authors.  Stories are key to their presentations.  Donna Satchell is a Professional Speaker, Success Skills Trainer, Author, and President of STARR Consulting & Training, an organization dedicated to motivating, training, and helping individuals and businesses achieve greater success.   Jim Dawson is a nationally recognized, award-winning expert in the area of human functioning in the workplace. His company is ADI Marketing. As a presenter/speaker Jim has addressed and impacted thousands of people and achieved impressive results for his clients. Listen in as Donna and Jim provide insights on identifying the stories in our lives which we can use in our writing, speaking and especially in growing our businesses.