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February 28th – A Twist on Practical: A Practical Guide . . . Practical Advice

Let’s look at writing with passion and purpose and when we do write with passion and purpose, we might generate a solid manuscript that gets published. How, then, do we market it?  Today’s guests share their personal take on “practical” writing and marketing.

Jill Jepson is a writer, traveler, linguistic anthropologist, and college professor and describes herself as a writing and spirituality coach. Dr. Jepson empowers writers to fulfill their greatest artistic and professional potential through techniques that facilitate focus, clarity, creativity, and growth. Her approach is spiritual in the sense that she believes that the writer’s inner life and writing are interconnected. Jill’s book Writing as a Sacred Path: A Practical Guide to Writing with Passion and Purpose is one of the very few books that Write Here, Write Now host, Dr. Tim Morrison, turns to again and again for guidance and encouragement in his own writing and journey.  Tim has also had the good fortune of experiencing coaching sessions with Jill.

Renea Winchester wrote a book, got it published, won a writing award,went on a book tour and discovered something unsettling: the number of talented authors whose basements are filled with unsold books.  That led Renea to write  Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author.

February 21st – Coaching Business Leaders to Embrace Their Superpowers

Today’s guests are business coaches and workplace consultants. They have each authored a book to connect with their ideal clients and to expand their expert status in the corporate business environment. Founder of the Red Cape Revolution, Darcy Eikenberg has recently launched Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence & Control. Her book is designed to help mid-to-upper level professionals identify and capitalize on their natural talents to grow their career. Jennifer Kahnweiler, author of The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength is a woman on a mission—determined to help introverted professionals thrive in an extroverted culture. Join Vanessa Lowry in exploring the writing and publishing journeys of these entrepreneurs.

February 14th – Writing with Passion about Your Own Life: More than Just a Diary or Timeline

You want to write about your life, a memoir of high points and maybe even the low points.  You think about leaving a legacy to your children and grandchildren.  Perhaps you want others to learn from your mistakes or avoid possible heartbreak.  It is a great idea; however, writing in a timeline fashion – I was born . . . I went to school . . . I graduated . . . I got a job . . . I struggled with . . . I overcame it by  . . . is not going to generate a whole lot of interest even among your children and grandchildren.  You have to write with passion which may  include humor as well as some painful recollections.  Many folks believe they have “poured their heart and soul on the paper” when in fact they have written little.  What they see in their minds as they write and what ultimately appears on the paper are not necessarily the same thing. Today’s guest has successfully taken the pictures and images, call them memories, that she held inher mind and got them on paper.  Dr. Shirley Garrett wrote A Tap Water Girl in a Bottle Water Word: Reflections on Belonging and Believing.  How did she do it  – get her stories on paper in full color?

March 20th – A Conversation with Bestselling Author and International Business Leader, Dr. Ivan Misner

Looking way ahead so you can mark your calendars!  Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder and chairman of Business Network International  (BNI), the world’s largestbusiness networking organization, and a senior partner of the Referral Institute, a global referral training company, joins Dr. Tim Morrison, host of Write Here, Write Now and a certified networker through the Referral Institute, for a conversation about Dr. Misner’s newest book – Business Networking and Sex (not what you think). Dr. Misner has written 16 books including three New York Times bestsellers.

February 7th – Crafting an Article for Publication

Write Here, Write Now departs from the usual focus on book writing for this edition but the intent remains the same:  bringing insights to business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals.  What are important considerations for writing an article? Is it possible that the book you have in mind could actually be the foundation of a solid and informative article?  We’ve invited back two former guests who in their first appearances shared insights on the books they have written or helped to write.  Echo Garrett’s first appearance on Write Here, Write Now was on our October 18th show.  Dr. David Galloway was interviewed on December 20th. Both Echo and David have written a variety of articles for publication.  Today they tell us about that aspect of writing and their thoughts, suggestions, and wisdom on the challenge and value of writing articles for publication.