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January 31st – Thoughts, Dreams, a Touch of Anxiety and a Lot of Hope

A seasoned author and a new writer talk of their writing journeys and experiences. Does a seasoned author still struggle with writing?  Battle anxiety?  Worry about content?  Does the beginning writer have similar emotions and concerns?  How do writers deal with these potential barriers?  Learn how to work around or move beyond the variety of emotions.  Also on the docket, from Tricia Molloy our experienced writer, hear how she plans to take contents of a standard size book and edit it into a pocket edition.  From guest, Helen Rice, listen to her energy as she discusses beginning to write a standard size book and a pocket edition book.

January 24th – Entrepreneurs Who Impact Lives and Now Write Books

Sheri Gilburth is founder of and a partner in Heart Center Therapy. Sheri along with the other professionals at the Center help their clients gain healing from the emotional, physical and mental stressors of the modern day life style.  This past fall, Sheri elected to devote some time to writing and out of her writing emerged a simple book that has brought wonder to those who have had a chance to read the pre-publication manuscript.  Rich Hart helps individuals  journey to a better station in their personal and professional lives. Through his life-altering seminars, audiences learn to navigate the twists and turns of life’s different mazes. Rich has begun “putting pen to paper” to generate a book to enhance his classes, seminars and presentations.  What motivated our guests to decide to write a book after years of contemplating?  Listen and learn from them as they tell why they finally took the plunge to become authors.

January 17th – Uniquely Qualified to Tell Your Story

We are all a unique combination of our experiences, our relationships and our attitude. Articulating this perspective into a published book can be a catalyst for starting or growing a business. Today’s guest, Diane Bogino wrote the book “Finding Your Bootstraps: 11 Steps to Overcoming Victim Thinking.” She transformed her experiences of an abusive childhood and misfortunes as an adult into a life that is thriving and successful. Diane is president of Performance Strategies and uses the principles in her book to help her clients through coaching and training to overcome challenges in their own lives.

Diane is the incoming president of the Georgia Chapter of the National Speakers Association. In the second part of today’s show, guest host Vanessa Lowry talks with Diane and permanent host Dr. Tim Morrison about the new initiative being implemented by the Georgia NSA to assist its members in writing and publishing their own books.

January 10th – Entrepreneurs Who Know and Effectively Use the “Power of the Pen” – 2nd Edition

Each Write Here, Write Now program closes with this tag, “Join us next time when business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals come together to discuss the power of the pen and its impact on their business:  Write Here, Write Now.” Write Here, Write Now, through its shows and guests, encourages individuals to discover the impact that writing can have on one’s career and/or professional life.  Today’s guests have mastered that power and discuss how they use it in their careers.  Evy Blasi wrote her first book, A Guide to Divorce: From Someone Who’s Been There, in 2006.  As part of that writing adventure Evy became a state registered mediator and divorce coach.  She currently is writing materials for use in workshops and seminars to help couples strengthen their marriages.  Melissa Galt is a veteran in maximizing the “power of the pen” through keynote speeches, seminars, training, books, articles, and social media. Take a look at how Melissa leverages her knowledge: Then listen to this broadcast and learn. Be challenged by these dynamic entrepreneurs.