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January 3rd – Comparing and Contrasting Writing Journeys and What We Can Learn from Them

Linda Lehmann Masek has worked as an art teacher and librarian but her true love is writing and she has been writing professionally for over 20 years.  She has written and had published a number of articles, children’s stories and novels. Bob Kashey is a residential real estate agent.  Two years ago he began writing Panic to Passion, his personal story of overcoming debilitating bouts of anxiety which sometimes struck multiple times a day. What, if anything, has changed in Linda’s writing habits over the years?  What habits, if any, did Bob generate in writing his first book?  Do they encounter similar barriers or challenges?  What insights do Bob as an emerging writer and Linda as a seasoned writer offer to other writers?  And of course, there is the question that usually appears in each interview:  how has writing a book impacted your business?

December 27th – A Look at an Emerging Writer’s Initial Steps

Today’s show features Henry Leeds in the “hot seat” with both regular host Dr. Tim Morrison and permanent guest host Vanessa Lowry  providing questions.  Mr. Leeds is a client of both Vanessa and Dr. Tim.  Collectively they have a goal of helping Henry write a book and market it and also generate a workshop.  Does the book come out of the workshop format or does the workshop format emerge from the book?  Is it a little bit of both?  The conversation will provide a look at the processes used to help clients gain focus for writing and for generating other information products or revenue streams. Henry Leeds is President and Owner of H.L. Leeds International, Inc.

December 20th – Writing for Enjoyment as a Business Leader

Can a business leader or a professional write for the sheer joy of writing?  Is such a concept viable?  For the most part, folks tend to have not so positive memories of pounding out assigned essays and themes and term papers from high school and college. Writing and fun or writing and enjoyment stand as disconnects.  For some business leaders and entrepreneurs writing is fun and does bring enjoyment. And the writing may or may not be connected to business.  Today’s guests reflect on the writing they do which provides them with enjoyment and a change of pace.  R. Brian Johnson devotes his working hours to managing a commercial construction company.  Dr. David Galloway is a senior director with Galloway Consulting.  Both enjoy the challenge and creativity found in writing.

December 13th – Publishing as a Marketing Strategy

Looking for new ideas to market your business in 2012? Listen to this lively discussion with five of the coauthors of the newly released book, Publishing as a Marketing Strategy. Join Dr. Tim and Stone as they interview the WHWN permanent guest host Vanessa Lowry along with her co-authors Joan Boneberg, Bonnie Daneker, Ahmad Meradji and Anita Paul. Learn how writing a book clarifies your thinking, builds credibility and works every day to deliver your message with authority.

December 6th – Creating Your Unique Business Card or Tips Book

The interviewer/host becomes the interviewee as WHWN’s permanent guest host, Vanessa Lowry, interviews regular WHWN host, Dr. Tim Morrison. In October, Tim released his newest book Basic Writing Tips for Emerging Writers: A Manual to Help  You Focus and to Improve Your Writing from the Start. Vanessa created the cover design and layout for the book. Dr. Tim markets the book as a prototype for other businesses and calls it Your Unique Business Card. Learn what goes into creating a “tips book” and how it can be a valuable marketing tool for you and/or for your business.  And maybe . . . Vanessa might toss out some questions to provide our listeners with an opportunity to learn more about Tim as a writer and entrepreneur.