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November 29th – Entrepreneurs Whose Businesses and Books Help Other Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

A recurring sub-theme in many of the interviews on Write Here, Write Now focuses on business people and entrepreneurs who write about their particular area of expertise and then use that writing to help others.  Today’s show lifts that theme from “sub-theme” status to front and center. Larry Warnick is the Founder of PassKey Strategies, an Atlanta-based firm designed to facilitate breakthrough results for business leaders of small and emerging firms as they move through the business life cycle. Warnick honed his leadership and coaching skills with over 25 years of business and management experience in strategic market planning and development, product management, and sales and business development with technology and service firms ranging from start-ups to Fortune-level. Larry is writing a book in which he shares some of his processes and strategies.  Hal Coleman has a varied business background as well: 10 years as a state regulatory inspector for the Georgia Department of Agriculture; 6 years in termite and pest control service and sales for a large independent pest control company; 18 years owning and operating his own termite and pest control company which started out “as one man with a spray can.” Hal  built it into a million dollar business.  Hal has written articles and books about his processes and strategies.  He works as a consultant to the pest control industry to help owners grow their businesses.  Listen in as these two gentlemen share the stories of their journeys from business person to consultant/entrepreneur and author and the impact writing has had on their lives.

November 22nd – Leveraging a Book into Speaking Opportunities

Authors Sandy Weaver Carman, Bernadette Boas and Charlie Cummins share how each has leveraged their published book into speaking opportunities and expanded business offerings. Sandy is author of The Original MBA – Succeed in Business with Mom’s Best Advice, Bernadette authored Shedding The Corporate Bitch and Charlie is author of Uprooting Anger: Eliminating the Emotion that Kills. Join Tim Morrison and guest host Vanessa Lowry for this discussion of how a published book helped these authors get in front of their ideal audiences.

November 18th – Special Edition: Effective Jobseeking and Networking During the Holidays

Write Here, Write Now in conjunction with sponsor Write Choice Services presents this special edition.  The major holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving and is followed by Advent, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s. Is it pointless to engage in a job search during these 6 weeks?  Are companies hiring or even interviewing?    Could it be that this is a critical time for effective job seeking?  And what about networking?  With all kinds of parties and gatherings and celebrations is this a networking nirvana opportunity? Or is networking at such events improper? Are there any guidelines? Wayne Breitbarth, Richard Kirby, and Emile Paradis join show host Dr. Tim Morrison for a panel discussion on jobseeking and networking etiquette for the holidays. Phoning in from Milwaukee, WI will be Wayne Breitbarth  a seasoned business man and author of The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search.Wayne leads workshops in effective use of LinkedIn. Richard Kirby is founder of Executive Impact, Inc., a leading career coaching firm in Atlanta, GA.  His book is  Fast Track Your Job Search (And Career!): How to Get Paid What You’re Worth by Avoiding Common Career Roadblocks.  Emile Paradis is with the Referral Institute in Atlanta, GA.  A national organization, The Referral Institute trains individuals to network effectively while creating referrals for life.  Emile is currently working on a manuscript about networking.

November 15th – Marketing: All Authors Have to Do It

Whether an author is fortunate to be published by a traditional publisher or elects to self publish, one factor is common: the author must fully engage in the marketing process. That comes as a surprise to most first time authors.  Author Marcia Gaddis has teamed with Mimi Schroeder of Max Communications to effectively market Marcia’s book When God Comes Near: Waiting in the Miracle of His Presence. Part of their marketing included speaking with Write Here, Write Now host Tim Morrison while he engaged in a remote broadcast at the Decatur Book Festival.  As the three engaged in conversation, Dr. Tim remembered having seen Marcia Gaddis at a writing conference earlier in the year and having had an extended phone conversation with Mimi Schroeder earlier in the year as well. Things you’ll learn from this broadcast:  Why Marcia elected to make a book out of her journal entries written during her daughter’s battle with a terminal illness. How did Marcia find Mimi.  Why Mimi agreed to market Marcia and her book. How having a public relations person benefits an author.

November 8th – Writing a “101” Book

A course that carries the number 101 is recognized as an introductory course.  Students learn the basics in the particular field: math, sociology, chemistry, etc.  Today’s program showcases two individuals each of whom has written a “101” book in vastly different areas.  Dr. Pamela Antoinette Larde,  Assistant Professor of Research and Higher Education at Mercer University, is  the founder of EmpowerMe! College Prep, an educational consulting company that provides services to college bound students of all ages to help them gain admission into the schools that best fit their strengths, aspirations and personality. Pamela describes her first book Letters to the Broken Hearted as an essential handbook (read 101) of woman-to-woman advice about how to refocus, rebuild and relove after a relationship is really, really over.

Jim Villwock, a former Fortune 500 global executive, is the founder of Job Doctors International™ and the creator of Integrated Success™ which is the new model for Organizational and Individual Success. His company’s processes and programs called Teampreneurship™ and Jobpreneurship™ help organizations and individuals reach their potential. Jim’s book carries the title  Jobpreneurship 101: From College to Dream Jobs.

Listen in and gain insights on how 2 professionals crafted 101 books and be encouraged by their experiences to do the same.