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November 1st – The Right Critique Group Can Move Your Writing Forward

Our guests today are members of the same writing critique group and have been for several years. They come from diverse backgrounds and find that having a supportive group of fellow writers review their writing regularly has many benefits. Guest host Vanessa Lowry talks with Brenda Ledford (publishing under the pen name Lorraine Tate), physician Saul Adler and teacher Todd Campbell. Learn how these authors find their writing critique group creates a supportive environment for one another and their fourth member, Sue Sutphen, MD.

October 18th – The Power of Writing to Stimulate Healing and to Help Others

Today’s guests discuss how writing can be used to heal and to help.

Kim Green’s debut novel, hallucination, sees her main character Morgan experiencing some of Kim’s own challenges of living with the auto-immune disease, Lupus, and how it became a journey of self-discovery. Dan Gennari, entrepreneur and cancer survivor, created the CUREganizer after battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His book helps fellow cancer combatants manage appointments, insurance communication, lab results, task lists and more with plenty of inspiration and hope. Echo Garrett co-authored My Orange Duffel Bag: A Journey to Radical Change. This mini-memoir of Sam Bracken, her co-author, shares his journey of abuse, homelessness and abandonment to becoming a successful college athlete and then leader in business. Echo now leads a non-profit called the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation, which teaches the book’s transformational change principles to at-risk youth ages 12-24. Join guest host Vanessa Lowry as she talks with these inspirational authors.

October 25th – Family Relationships, Experiences and Memories as a Source for Business Writing

Why do you do what you do?  What is the source for your values? Who shaped your life?  Are you shaping the lives of others?  Do these stories impact your work?  Do your memories of family dynamics impact your career?  When we think of writing and family, most thoughts go to creating a personal biography or having a ghost writer generate the story for us.  Today’s guests – Cecily Welch and Ami Davis – discuss their writing journeys and using letters and incidents to generate books that are  more then mere memoirs.  Cecily Welch wrote My Father Was . . . Right   Joe Nash-isms: A Dad’s Advice to His Daughter.  Letters to a Young Mom  is a collection of letters from older teen moms to younger teen momsAmie Davis collected and edited the letters. Show host Tim Morrison will also weigh in from his experiences in writing his second book:   Letters to My Sons: a Father’s Faith Journey. Listen in to hear how these 3 professionals use stories from their lives to provide support and encouragement to others in their life journeys and careers.

October 11th – Grabbing Hold of Confidence

An overarching theme in each edition of Write Here, Write Now is encouragement.  Through our guest interviews and conversations, Write Here, Write Now seeks to provide encouragement to those who harbor a desire to write but who have yet to do so. We all have a story, a unique insight, an amazing memory or a hope to share with others. The guests on this edition of Write Here, Write Now provide pure encouragement to those who long to write but have hesitated to start.  Emily Francis found herself consumed with fear and anxiety which kept her from pursuing personal goals and dreams.  Her journey to overcome the fear and anxiety is shared in her book:  From Fear to Faith.  Jim Harvey had a successful career with IBM and a second successful career in commercial real estate brokerage and development.  But stories from his childhood of German submarine activities off the shores of America echoed in his mind.  Taking those stories and adding his own spin, Jim wrote a novel:  Grayton Beach Affair.  Listen and be inspired and encouraged by these writers and their success moving beyond “I’ll write someday” to getting their stories in print.