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October 4th – Making Your “Someday” a Reality

How often have you heard someone declare, “I’m going to write a book someday!”?  You may have said it yourself and meant it but that “someday” still remains elusive.  Today’s guests talk about their “someday.”  Ruthanne Warnick, principle with Passkey Strategies, has begun work on her book which she currently calls  Creating the Journey.  Mark  Shaughnessy retired from a highly successful career in the insurance and health care industries where he held the title of Senior Vice President/Sales and Marketing. In 2006, Mark wrote his first book, Sales Secrets, capturing the best ideas for increasing sales for companies and individuals.  Then he teamed with his brother to write Vietnam Remembered Today, which shares the brothers’ vastly different experiences while serving in Vietnam at the same time during the war.  Listen in as Ruthanne and Mark share how each set forth on their journeys to make that “someday” become a reality.

September 27th – Claiming One’s Authority to Write

“I’d like to write but what would I write about?  I’m not an authority on anything.” Show host and writing coach, Dr. Tim Morrison, often hears these words from people who hunger to write but hesitate to pick up a pen or sit down to the keyboard.  Tim’s reply? “We each are authorities on how we view and experience life and work and the world.  Write about that.”  Today’s guests take that concept seriously.  Bill Worth’s first career was in newspaper journalism.  Then he entered ministry. Now he writes full time – novels – and in his writing he draws upon his view of the world shaped by his years as a journalist and managing editor and minister. This is his authority for writing intriguing novels. Brenda Stockdale is the Director of Mind-Body Medicine at RC Cancer Centers where the latest research in mind-body medicine serves as an adjunct to medical treatment.  While Stockdale is a clinician in the field of behavioral medicine,   her own experience with life-altering and catastrophic illness provided the authority to write, in an intimate way, her book You Can Beat the Odds. Karon Cook claims a career as an actress in family films, television and commercials.  She has produced indie films as well.  Now Karon is a Print Sportscaster and currently has a Show Concept under consideration at Turner Sports.  Where is her authority for doing that? Listen in.  Find out.  Learn from these three amazing professionals who each claim the title of writer/author. Your mind will be opened to the vast field of authority you have in your life that can be the foundation for your writing.

September 20th – Stories of Fascinating People in Your Own Backyard

Writers have a different perspective on their surroundings and life around them than most people.  Writers see the unique in what folks generally see as commonplace.  Through interviews of guests and programming themes, Write Here, Write Now seeks to help business people, entrepreneurs and professionals gain  that unique perspective or viewpoint into their work. Ellen Lyle Taber and Neil Wilkinson have solid roots in Georgia and have books published by Kennesaw State University Press.  Taber’s books provide glimpses of life on Tybee Island.  Wilkinson tells of the fascinating lives of  twins Ruth and Ruby Crawford, pioneering sisters who became lawyers in Atlanta in an era when there were few women in the profession.  Jim Elledge, author and director of the Master of Arts in Professional Writing Program at Kennesaw State University, joins the panel to talk about the upcoming KSU event being held in conjunction with the Georgia Writers Association – Publishers, Agents and Media Institute – October 1.

September 13th – Successful Entrepreneur Discusses the Power of the Pen to Enhance His Business


Vince Rogers is the principle change agent with Vince Rogers and Associates, a company that works with businesses, non-profits and high achieving individuals to formulate winning “Success Plans” for reaching their desired destinations. Vince uses blogging to promote his business and share challenges.  He has created a book out of the best of his blogs:  The Very Best of Disguised Limits.  Listen as Vince shares his perspective on the impact writing a book has had on his business.

September 6th – Which Comes First: Career or Book – 2nd Edition

We reprise a theme from June 21.  We engage again in an intentional play on which came first the chicken or the egg.  And similar to our guests from June 21, today’s guests also answer with an emphatic “Yes!” John Mulkey is the author of Shrewd Homebuying soon to be available on Amazon as a Kindle book.    John also has an active website and blog as the housing guru.  He receives emails, phone calls and enquiries from all over the U.S.from folks seeking insight on home buying.  Greg Vetter is president of Vetter Productivity, an organizational training and consulting firm in Atlanta and author of the book Find It In 5 Seconds. Greg’s business grows steadily and his book on organization and productivity helps to grow the business.