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August 30th – Write to Promote Yourself, Then Protect Your Writing

Today’s guests present their unique perspectives on the power of writing.  Dr. Tim Langley, a chiropractor in Marietta, GA, blogs to share stories of success, improvement and re-establishment of health within his clients.  Dr. Tim’s writing style generates an image of the “old, family doctor” who always had time to talk with each patient.  Tim’s blog promotes his chiropractic practice but occasionally he draws upon his years in banking and real estate to share his views on the economy.  Charles Forlidas is a Member of the law firm of Miller & Martin PLLC in their Atlanta office.  Charles concentrates his practice in the areas of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and intellectual property. Business leaders and entrepreneurs know the importance of having legal counsel for their business endeavors.  Writers need to follow suit and have an intellectual property attorney in their “corner” for two reasons: 1) protect their writing and 2) make sure they don’t misuse the writings of others. Mr. Forlidas will share pertinent legal points writers should know.

August 23rd – Entrepreneurs Who Know and Effectively Use the “Power of the Pen”

Each Write Here, Write Know program closes with this tag, “Join us next time when business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals come together to discuss the power of the pen and its impact on their business:  Write Here, Write Now.” Write Here, Write Now, through its shows and guests, encourages individuals to discover the power of the pen.  Today’s guests are have mastered that power and discuss how they use it in their careers.  Chuck Reaves has written seven books and numerous white papers.  He is the founder of SalesSSuites (  Tim Fulton  publishes his own award-winning electronic monthly newsletter,  Small Business Matters (, for small business owners. He is currently working on his first book.  Tim is a Vistage Group Chair in Atlanta, GA. Listen in as these entrepreneurs share their compelling stories on effectively using the power of the pen.

August 16th – The Courage to Change Careers and Transform One’s Life

A curious topic for a show devoted to business leaders and entrepreneurs and their books . . . not really.  Tim Morrison, the host of Write Here, Write Now, staged a major career change in 2000 when he left ministry after 25 years. Now he is a recognized authority in coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs in writing their books.  Andrea Rosenthal, founder of Career Soul-utions, will share with listeners her current journey in writing her book with the working title of The Courage to Change Careers.  Ms. Rosenthal and her company specialize in early- and mid-career transition coaching, executive mentoring, and team building for individuals and organizations. The other guest is Richard Morgan, currently engaged in a major career change/transition and creating a book out of the process. Hear fascinating stories from people engaged in and experienced with career changes and how that has led them on paths to become authors.

August 9th Show – Six Degrees of Separation in Writing… using the power of your network when publishing

Today’s guests discuss how they have tapped into the power of their network of friends, family, colleagues and contacts to connect with key people. They share stories of creating content, publishing their books and getting the word out, all with a little help from their friends. Listen in as Joan Boneberg, Myra McElhaney and Walter Lawrence share their stories and insights with guest host Vanessa Lowry.

Joan Boneberg, author of “Communication Chemistry: 25 Essential Elements to Make You a Compelling Communicator.” (Link to

Myra McElhaney, author of “Mama Always Says” and “Musings on Major and Minor Matters that May or May Not Matter.” (Link to

Walter (T.W.) Lawrence, author of “Take Me to Texas” and the upcoming novel “Texas Cool Million.” (Link to and to