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August 2 – Business Leaders Who Write More Than One Book: 2nd Edition

Most business leaders and entrepreneurs are content to write just one book about their expertise and insights.  What if you could write several books and further enhance your reputation as an authority in your field?  Our first show on this topic (June 14th) generated a lot of conversation among listeners so WHWN decided to make this a recurring program topic. A highly successful entrepreneur shares his story on writing more than one book and the impact that has had on his businesses.

Gregory Evans, once known as the World’s Number one computer hacker, founded National Cyber Security.  He has written 8 books; each one discusses different aspects of high-tech security issues.

July 26th – Creating a System, Sharing It with the World

People write a book because they believe they have a better approach to a process or program or idea or presentation or just about anything. Their better system emerges from their unique perspective of the world and what they do.  That is a simple yet critical truth about writing.  We can safely argue there are no new ideas for books, just new perspectives on themes and story lines. This edition of Write Here, Write Now provides a look into the vision and perspective and ideas of two individuals.  Brent Sampson is the founder, CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of  Outskirts Press, a custom book publishing solution. Brent created his “better system” after experiencing a lot of frustration and turmoil when he sought to get his manuscripts published. Kelly Vandever founded and owns  Communications for Everyone.  Kelly is a highly successful professional speaker and trainer.  The “better system” Kelly is creating is a book that provides insights into 5 critical elements in crafting a powerful spoken presentation.

July 19 – Publishing in Collaboration

Bonnie Daneker, CEO of Write Advisors; Barbara Giamanco, CEO of Talent Builders and self-styled “innovation catalyst;” and Rob Duncan of Great Capes Consulting talk about their collaboratively published books.

Writing and publishing a book can be a lonely effort, but it doesn’t have to be. Today’s guests discuss their experience of publishing in collaboration with one or more co-authors.  Find out some of the benefits of publishing with others and what challenges you may need to overcome. Learn more about the guests:

July 12th – Write a Book, Impact Your Career

Being an author, especially if the subject matter of the book presents insights into one’s profession, strengthens the person’s reputation as an authority in that field.  That carries impact!  Even being part of a collaborative effort among several writers carries professional clout for each author.  Charles H. Green is former president of Sunrise Bank, one of the leading SBA lending banks in the United States.  He currently is a consultant for small businesses, international businesses operating in the United States and non-profits.  Charles wrote The SBA Loanbook: the Complete Guide to Getting Financial Help Through the Small Business Administration. The book is now in its third edition.  Jim Hogan collaborated in the writing of Improv to Improve Your Business: Using the Principles of Improvisation to Foster Communication, Creativity & Innovation. One outcome for Jim in having been a part of that collaborative writing adventure was a chance at a new career.  Charles Green and Jim Hogan share their unique perspectives on and experience with the “power of the pen” on one’s business and career.