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July 5th – Creativity in Writing: Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

Whether classified as fiction or nonfiction, writing requires creativity. Today’s guests share their insights into the creative element of writing.  Freelance writer and editor Betsy Rhame Minor favors creative nonfiction when she turns to writing books.  Sales representative and IT whiz, Russ Chapman escapes the black and white world of IT through writing fiction and humor and commical twists of a biographcial nature.  How much creativity is “allowed” in creative nonfiction before it would become fiction?  How much reality has to be present in fiction in order for it to be believable?  Does it matter? What motivates these guest experts when they write?

June 28th – Retire and Write!

After retiring from traditional careers, today’s guests each embarked on a writing adventure.  Cathy Horvath gathered life lessons and favorite recipes from contacts she made throughout her career, combined the lessons and recipes with her own and compiled everything into Recipes for Life . . . Food for the Body and Nourishment for the Soul.  Our second guest, Ray Atkins, published his first book, Front Porch Prophet, in 2008 and his second book, Sorrow Wood, in 2009.  Learn how they started, what they have learned and how a lifetime of experience enriched their writing.

June 21st – Which Comes First: Career or Book?

Yes, the show title is an intentional play on which came first the chicken or the egg.  Today’s guests answer with an emphatic “Yes!” David Wright’s Get a Job: Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves emerged out of his own job search experiences.  Then when his book was published, David leveraged what he learned in marketing his book to attain top position in Google and other search engines into a career helping businesses do the same.  David is President and Chief Marketing Officer of W 3 Group, an Atlanta-based marketing and SEO company.   Cindy Light came to the United States 13 years ago from mainland China.  She knew no one and did not understand any English.  Today Cindy is a highly sought after consultant on understanding Chinese culture and engaging effectively in business with China based companies.  Cindy is the CEO of Culturally Speaking US-China.  She has begun writing a book on Chinese culture in general and the Chinese business culture in particular.  The book will help companies to practice greater cultural awareness when engaged in business with Chinese companies and corporations.

June 14th – Business Leaders Who Write More Than One Book

Most business leaders and entrepreneurs are content to write just one book about their expertise and insights.  What if you could write several books?  Perhaps create a series? Further enhance your reputation as an authority in your field?  Today’s guest recognizes the power of writing more than one book and even creating a series around a common concept.  Bernadette Boas is the CEO and Founder of Ball of Fire, Inc. – a media and publishing company – as well as president of the Boas Group, business consultants.  Bernadette’s first book was released in March of this year.  She plans to generate additional titles and create a series around “Shedding the Bitch” theme.  Listen in as Ms. Boas shares her thoughts on the benefits of writing more than one book to strengthen one’s reputation as an authority in one’s profession.

Tuesday, June 7th – Write Early, Write Late, Matters Not When, Just Write

A wonderful truth about writing: “It is never too late to begin.” I could be talking about the time of day that the writer sits down to write; however, age is center stage on this show. Unlike sports or even some forms of art, writing does not have a built in age limit – doesn’t matter what age you decide to take writing seriously.  No peak performance age exists in writing.  Start writing early in your life or later in your life.  It matters not when you start, just start and keep writing.  Today’s guests provide keen insight on that.  Mary Branson has been writing all of her life; it is her profession. Jack Branson is an experienced investigator who has worked more than 25 years in local and federal law enforcement. He served as a Federal Agent for 20 years, specializing in fraud, money laundering, bribery, and public corruption. Recently he teamed with Mary, his wife of 35+ years, to write Murder in Mayberry. Jack came to writing “late.”  They continue to share in writing projects.

Tuesday, May 31st – You Are Thinking About Writing a Book?

Don’t we in the secret recesses of our minds harbor the dream of writing a book someday?  Of influencing others in our profession? Sharing our unique insights and processes?  Today’s guests discuss their versions of such dreams. John Damiano has spent over 30 years in retail executive management.  In those 3 decades he has gained a wealth of corporate experience as he held positions as executive vice president, CEO, and COO.  Today he is an associate broker with The Providence Group.  John has ideas for several books.  Listen in a John shares his vision for his books and why he wants to write them

The other guest is Gail Margolies Reid, CPA, author, speaker and coach.  She founded her own accounting firm and for 21 years specialized in accounting matters relevant to small businesses.  After selling her practicce, she decided to write a book based upon the insights she gained from her CPA practice.  That book –The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Cost Startups – was published by Alpha, a division of Penquin Books, in 2010.